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How do you pack wounds with Aquacel?

Apply Aquacel Ag to the wound, then sterile saline on the area. Aquacel Ag's vertical absorption properties will ensure that the wound remains moist and minimize the chance of maceration.

Also, Aquacel can be used to treat a wound.

Aquacel is a primary wound dressing made from sodium carboxymethylcellulose. It is a textile fibre that is presented as a fleece, which is held together using a needle bonding process. It can be used as both a 'ribbon' to pack cavities and as a flat, non-woven pad to apply to larger open wounds.

How do you take off Aquacel dressing? Remove your AquacelA(r), dressing by gently pressing down with one hand. 3. You can lift the edge of the dressing slowly with your other hand.

This is how Aquacel dressings can be cut.

Aquacel AG can also be cut in any direction, so it can fit into even the most unusual of wounds. To cut the dressing, ensure you use sterilized scissors.

What kind of dressing does Aquacel extra offer?

AQUACELA(r), non-woven, soft wound dressings made from HydrofiberA(r), Technology.