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How do you get a deadbolt keyed alike?

Visit your local locksmith to get your locks rekeyed. Ask the shop where you are purchasing the locks for assistance in rekeying the lock you already have. This process should take only a few moments.

Keep this in mind: Can different brands of locks be keyed exactly the same?

They make cylinders that can be retrofitted by different hardware manufacturers to allow for different brands of keying on the same system.

It is cheaper to replace locks than rekey them. Rekeying locks is usually cheaper than changing them because of the low cost of key pins. Rekeying your locks can make it easier to match keys across locks.

Home Depot will then rekey locks to match.

Most likely, your local Home Depot will rekey your locks to match your existing key. You may be able to get the locks rekeyed if you have a different brand lock. Simply take them to your local Home Depot and they will change the cylinders to match the old locks.

What is the cost of rekeying?

The cost of rekeying locks in your home is $40 to $100, plus $15 to $40 per lock, or $75 per hour. You might be charged a trip cost between $50 and $100 if you call the locksmith to your house. Actual prices depend on which type of locksmith is needed for the doors that you cannot open. Rekeying does not mean replacing.