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How can I check the airflow of my LG dryer?


What does the dryer mean by "check vent"?

The Check Vent Light, which is located on some dryers' consoles (see diagrams below), indicates that dryer airflow has been restricted. To ensure dryer performance and drying times, you need adequate airflow.

How can I tell if my dryer vent has become clogged? These are the simple guidelines to help you determine if your dryer vent has become clogged.

  1. Excessive dry times. You should inspect your dryer vents if you are having to run another or third cycle in order to dry clothes.
  2. Hot exterior.
  3. Burning smell
  4. Outside the vent opening, lint and debris.

How do you reset the flow rate on an LG dryer?

Reset Control Panel

  1. Turn the dryer on and then unplug it from an electrical outlet.
  2. During an outage, press and hold the START/PAUSE button for five seconds.
  3. Power on the unit by turning the breaker off.

Is my dryer vent in the right place?

Locate the dryer's exhaust port on the back. Gently pull the ventpipe away from the wall conduit. You should be able push the dryer out of the way if it is an electric model. This will give you more work space.