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Are Merchant Marines required to wear uniforms?

Overview. Midshipmen usually wear one the four classes of uniform when on Academy grounds. The wearing civilian clothes, formerly known as "mufti", or "civvies", is considered a class privilege. Uniform of the Day (UOD) - This is the core uniform midshipmen wear.

The Merchant Marine is also a uniformed military service.

Although the Merchant Marine is not a military service or government agency, it can be used as an auxiliary service by the Navy in wartime to transport military personnel and material. A Department of Naval Science is also maintained by the Navy at the Merchant Marine Academy.

Why do marine engineers wear purple? P&O Engineer officers wore their braids on sleeves, just like the RN and MN companies. However, Pursers, Deck and radio officers wore their braids on their shoulders. Because he saw that engineers were more noble than others, King George V gave them the purple colour.

Do Merchant Marines have ranks?

The United States Merchant Marine ranks 27th worldwide, just behind Russia (1143 merchant ships) or China (2nd with 4,052 merchant vessels). This includes both privately-owned vessels and those owned by government agencies.

What are the clothes worn by marine engineers?

It is possible that you will need to wear overalls, a uniform, and protective headgear, footwear, and glasses. Sometimes, you may be required to work in shifts or to respond to emergency calls. You may need to be away from your home for extended periods of time if you are a seagoing maritime engineer.