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Why is deep linking important?

Deep linking is crucial because:
This allows marketing and data teams to see 360 degrees of clicks to installs to refers. offers unique monetization opportunities. This opens up a new world of hyper-targeted analytics.

This being said, what does deep linking actually mean?

Deep linking refers to the use of hyperlinks that link to a specific piece of web content that is searchable or indexed on a website. ""), rather than the website's home page (e.g., "").

What does a deep linking look like? Deep linking begins and ends with URLs or URIs. ,, and URLs are the same thing. A deep URL is a hyperlink that links to a particular spot on a website or an app. These are deep links.

What is deep link app, besides?

Deep linking is used in mobile apps to link to a specific location rather than just launching the app. Deep linking can be done even if the app has not been installed.

How can you use deep linking?

A deep link is a URL which opens and directs the user to a specific place within an app. A URL scheme can be registered with iOS when a developer creates an iOS app. In our app Agenda, we registered "agenda", the app's URL scheme. Any URL that begins with agenda:// will deep-link to the app.