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Which pool shock is the best?

The Best Pool Shock
  • Best overall: Pool Essentials Shock Treatment 6 Pack.
  • Best pool shock for algae: Clorox Pool & Spa Shock XtraBlue.
  • Best For Vinyl Pools: Arch Chemical HTH Swimming Pool Shock Super .
  • Best Saltwater Pools: CLOROX Swimming Pool and Spa 81006CLX Saltwater.
  • Best above-ground pools: Pool Essentials Treatment.

So, which pool shock is best?

Our Top Picks in 2020

Model Price Editor Rating
In The Swim (Best Overall). Check the Price 4.95/5
Doheny's Super Pool Shock Check the Price 4.8/5
Clorox Pool&Spa Shock 33012CLX (Best Value) Check the Price 4.7/5
Aqua Chem 12101AQU-02 Check the Price 4.3/5

Is shock and chlorine the same thing? Shock refers to chlorine in high doses. It is used to shock the pool and quickly raise the chlorinator levels. Chlorine Tabs are placed in a chlorinator or floater to maintain a chlorine level in the water. Both tabs and hock are required.

What is the best above-ground pool shock?

Non-chlorine shock makes vinyl liners last longer. It can be used in vinyl pools. For above-ground pools , the best shock is chlorine shock. A pool shock with 65% minimum chlorine is recommended.

What should I look out for in pool shock?

How to Choose the Right Type of Swimming Pool Shock

  • What is the difference? - There are three main types of pool shock on the market.
  • Cal-hypo shock is both the most widely used and the strongest.
  • Sodium di-chlor, which is slow to dissolve and granular chlorine, is stable.
  • Potassium monopersulfate, which is an oxygen-based shock, contains no chlorine.