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What transport processes operate at the coast

These include: Traction, large boulders or pebbles are rolled on the seafloor. Saltation A beach material is bounced on the seafloor. Suspension is a suspension of beach material that is carried by the waves.

What are the four processes involved in coastal transport?

COASTAL PROCESSES is a TRANSPORTATION Solution that includes suspension, saltation, and traction. Traction is the movement of large boulders or pebbles along the seafloor. 4. Saltation is a material that bounces along the seafloor.

What are the different processes involved in river transport? There are four types of river transport: Suspension is fine, light material that is carried in the water. Saltation Small stones and pebbles are bounced along river beds. Traction - Large boulders and stones are rolled along riverbed.

What are the other coastal processes?

Five main factors can cause coastal erosion. These include corrasion and abrasion as well as hydraulic action, attrition, corrosion/solution, and hydraulic action. Corrasion occurs when waves pick up beach materials (e.g. Pebbles can be thrown at the base of a rock.

What does transport do to the coast?

Transportation. Transportation. Most material is transported along the coastline via a process known as longshore drift (littoral drag). This happens when waves approach the coast at an oblique angle due to the wind pushing them along at the same angle.