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What is the name given to Shakespeare's seven years of life without any records?

Seven years of Shakespeare's lifetime are missing records, and this was after the birth in 1585 of his twins. This period is known as the "lost decades" by scholars. There are many theories about what Shakespeare was doing during this time.

What are the missing years of Shakespeare's life, given this?

Two major periods of Shakespeare's life, often referred to as "lost years", are 1578-82 (or 1585-92) and 1585-92 (or 1578-82 or 1585-92). We have very little information. The first spans from Shakespeare's graduation from grammar school to his marriage to Anne Hathaway on November 15, 1582.

Similar to what would Shakespeare's life look like in London? We know that Shakespeare lived in Stratford and London. He was born and had a child. However, he spent his time in London, where he worked as an actor. He was a successful actor, playwright and partner in a major acting company.

What was then known about Shakespeare's years of darkness?

"The Lost Years" refers to Shakespeare's time between his baptism in 1585 by Hamnet and Judith, and his appearance on the London stage in 1592. He fled to London to escape his punishment, according to legend.

What happened to Shakespeare during his lost years?

1578a1582 We don't know much about Shakespeare's childhood and marriage to Anne Hathaway, 1582. 1585-1592 After his baptism, Shakespeare disappears again from history books for many years before he reappears in the early 1590s with a London-based playwright.