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What is the Brandywine Battle?

General George Washington, an American general, was determined to stop the British from taking Philadelphia, the American capital of government. Washington mistakenly believed his army would block all fords along the Brandywine Creek after he took up positions along Brandywine Creek. Washington's line fell.

This being said, why is Battle of Brandywine so important?

The British Army's "Redcoats", who defeated the American rebels, forced them to retreat northeast towards Philadelphia. Brandywine saw more troops than any other battle during the American Revolution. It was also the longest single day battle of war with 11 hours of continuous fighting.

Also, when did the Battle of Brandywine begin and end? On September 11, 1777 the Battle of the Brandywine marked the end of an apparent long period of frustration in North America for the British.

This is how the Battle of Brandywine happened.

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How many Americans were killed in the Battle of Brandywine

British casualties at Battle of Brandywine Creek. The British lost 550 soldiers and 550 civilians. Americans lost around 1000 soldiers, were wounded, captured, and lost 11 guns. Two of these guns had been taken at Battle of Trenton.