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What is the 3 minute step test procedure?

The 3-Minute Step Test measures aerobic (cardiovascular), fitness based on the speed at which your heart rate returns back to normal after exercising. Your goal is to step on and off the bench for three minutes at a steady pace. Then, you can see how quickly your heart rate returns to normal.

Many people also wonder what the step test is.

The Step Test measures an individual's aerobic fitness. The Step Test is a three-minute exercise that involves participants moving up and down on an aerobics-type step. It increases heart rate and evaluates the heart's recovery time within the first minute.

The next question is: How fast are 120 steps per minute? A pace of approximately 3 miles an hour or 120 steps per minute is ideal for walking for health. This is a 20-minute walk. You'll need to walk at 4 miles an hour, or 135 steps per min, to lose weight. This is a 15-minute distance.

What length is a step test?

The test requires that the person taking it does two cycles of steps up and down on a platform. The platform's height is approximately 50 cm (usually 16 inches for women). You must maintain a pace of 30 steps per hour for at least five minutes, or you will exhaustion.

What number of steps can you complete in three minutes?

Alternative Activity to Steps per Minute Equivalents

Step Equivalents Based on Minutes of Activity
Activity 1 min. 60 min.
Walking at 3 mph 100 6000
Walking slowly (less than 2 mph). 61 3660
Walking slowly (2 mph). 67 4020