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What is Alabama's importance to peanuts?

A Peanuts crop can withstand a short drought but still yield a decent yield. Alabama farmers adopted the crop in the early 1900s to combat the boll weevil, a deadly pest that invaded the U.S. from Mexico.

Are peanuts also grown in Alabama?

Alabama Peanut Production. Peanuts can be found on almost 200,000 acres in southern Alabama. They are grown along the Gulf Coast, from one end of the state to the north and as far as Hale County. Peanuts are a member of the legume or pea family. Their seeds form in pods.

Why is cotton so important for Alabama? Cottonseed oil is used for cooking, cosmetics, and soap. The seed husk, and any material left over after oil extraction, is used to fertilize and feed livestock. Alabama's cotton industry isn't the "king", but it is still a significant part of Alabama's economy.

Alabama is the peanut state.

Peanuts can be grown commercially in thirteen states: Alabama (Arkansas, Florida), Georgia, Louisiana and Mississippi; North Carolina, New Mexico; Oklahoma; South Carolina, Texas, Virginia, Texas, and Virginia.

Which state is famous for peanuts?

These are the U.S.'s major peanut-producing states: Virginia (North Carolina), South Carolina, Georgia, Florida and Alabama. Peanuts can be grown in Asia, Africa and Australia.