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What is a Cehrs?

The NHA CEHRS exam measures a student's ability to work with electronic health records (EHR). A certification is awarded to someone who passes the exam. This certifies that they are a certified EHR specialist.

The other question is: How much do Cehrs make?

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What does an EMR specialist do? An EHR specialist organizes, manages, and maintains patient health information. They manage patient data in both digital and hard-copy forms and ensure that any information relating to a patient is accurate and easily accessible.

Similar to the above, how much does an electronic health record specialist make an hour of work?

The average salary for "medical record specialist" is between $13.29 an hour for Customer Service Representative and $102 an hour for Physician.

How can I become an EMR specialist

You must be able to sit for the electronic health records specialist certification exam in order to qualify. To become an electronic records specialist, you must have completed an associate's or certificate program within the last five years.