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What does BFG mean?

Big Friendly Giant

What is the BFG's main idea?

The BFG's central theme is teamwork. The Big Friendly Giant grew up among giants all his life. He is opposed to eating humans, unlike the other giants. He prefers to collect dreams than eat them and blows them into children's rooms with his trumpet.

The next question is how does the BFG function? In other id Software , the BFG causes damage to an enemy or wall.

Also, what does BBG on Snapchat mean?

Better to Go

What happens to the BFG?

The happy-ever-after ending to The BFG is the best. The killer giants are placed in a pit so they can't eat people anymore. Sophie and the BFG enjoy a nice setup in nearby houses. However, the ending has an additional twist. We discover that the BFG is the author of the book.