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What do we learn about Jem Scout and Boo in Chapter 7?

Jem discovers that Boo Radley placed it on her. He then tells Atticus the entire story about the knothole, presents and the mended pants. Atticus advises them to keep it to ourselves, while Scout realizes that Boo Radley was right behind her and nearly throws up.

What does Scout learn from Chapter 7?

Chapter Seven Scout is unable to understand but tries his best to be understanding. After about a week, Jem finally tells Boy Scout about the night they were there. Instead of his pants being in a messy mess, he had them neatly folded.

JEM also cries at Chapter 7. What is it that JEM knows about Boo and Mr Radley, that he didn't know before? Jem's crying is due to the realization that Nathan had lied to him. He suspects that Boo Radley is the present giver and that Nathan is stopping Boo from reaching out.

What can we also learn about Boo Radley’s universe of obligations in this chapter?

Take responsibility for his actions. Individuals may also have a circle of responsibility, which is a group of people responsible for their safety and well-being.

Is there any evidence that JEM is beginning to learn more than just scout Boo Radley's territory?

Jem believes that Scout is starting to understand Boo Radley better than Scout. Jem inferred that the things they found in the tree were ways for Boo Radley to communicate with them, as Scout couldn't leave the house.