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What can I do if my neighbour makes too much noise?

How to Deal With Noisy Neighbors
  1. Talk to them. Talk to your noisy neighbor. Keep calm and explain to them why their screaming baby, dog, or heels are making you crazy.
  2. Talk to the Landlord.
  3. Contact the Local Council.
  4. Get your solicitor involved.
  5. You can move on.

What can I do to quieten noisy neighbours?

What can you do to quiet your noisy neighbors?

  • Document the offenses. You have many options.
  • Give a courtesy knock. A courtesy knock may help.
  • Give your neighbor a call. If a friendly knock fails to work, you can visit their home.
  • Get in touch with the landlord.
  • File a noise complaint.

What happens if you file a noise complaint? Police. Call the police. An officer showing up at your door to report a noise complaint can often convince most people that it is okay to be quiet. Repeat visits by the police to enforce noise ordinances could lead to fines or even misdemeanors.

This is how to politely tell your neighbor to be quiet.

5 Ways To Quiet Your Noisy Neighbors

  1. Gently. They may forget that they are late or that their walls are thin if they're having fun.
  2. Do a quick visit. It doesn't have to be confrontational to go next door or down the hall.
  3. Give suggestions gently.
  4. Bear Gifts
  5. Seek Outside Help.

Are you a loud neighbor?

Call the police The LAPD recommends that you contact your local police station to address noise complaints. Contact them by calling (877) ASK LAPD (275-5273). Call 911. You can also call the Animal Care and Control Department of the city if your neighbor complains more about barking dogs.