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What are washing lines?

A clothesline or washing line can be any kind of rope, cord or twine that has been stretched between 2 points (e.g. Two sticks, indoors or outdoors, at the top of the ground. Due to the heavy weight of often wet clothes, longer washing lines may require props to hold up the middle section.

How do you clean your washing machine?


  1. Use a dry cloth to remove any spider webs.
  2. Warm water, a little dish detergent and a bucket/bowl are all you need.
  3. Use a sponge or a scourer to remove any dirt buildup.
  4. Let dry.

What is the best clothline material? Multifilament polypropylene (nylon), is light, strong, and resistant to water and mildew (our sample was 640 pound). It is slippery and doesn't hold a clothespin well. The best choice for basic cotton clothesline is

Who invented the washing machine?

Toyne invent and patents four rotary clothing hoist designs.

Gilbert Toyne
Born August 23, 1888 Darriwill Victoria, Australia
Died July 30, 1983 (aged: 94) Upper Ferntree Gully Victoria
It is well-known Rotary clothing hoist

What weight can a washing machine hold?

To save space, you can retract the line to the main unit when it is not being used. Each line can hold approximately 2kgs of laundry, so it can carry around 10kgs. It is made from heavy-duty, non-corrosive material.