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What are the four dimensions of diversity?

The dimensions of diversity are gender, religion, race, ethnicity and parental status. They also include income, income, education, employment, language and geographic location.

What are the five dimensions that make up diversity?

Five Dimensions of Global Diversity

  • Internal Dimensions: Age, race, ethnicity and gender.
  • External Dimensions: marital status and income. Personal habits, hobbies, religion, education, work experience. Geographic location.

Is personality also a dimension that contributes to diversity, other than the ones mentioned above? Gardenswartz & Rowe (1994), the four layers of diversity include organizational dimensions, personality, external dimensions and internal dimensions. This layer can only be influenced by people, as the organization where they work has control.

What are the main dimensions of diversity in this context?

Primary and secondary dimensions of diversity

Quiz: What are the core dimensions to diversity?

Gender, Age, Race, Mental and Physical Abilities, Ethnicity Sexual orientation, Income, Spiritual Beliefs, Class.