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What are different NoSQL databases?

There are four major types of NoSQL: key-value stores, document store and column-oriented databases. OrientDB is a graph database in which each node represents a document. Let's first look at relational databases before we get into the NoSQL databases.

What are the four main categories of NoSQL databases?

There's 4 types of NoSQL databases.

  • Key-Value Store has a Big Hash Table with keys & values. (Example: Riak, Amazon S3(Dynamo).)
  • Document-based Store - It stores documents that are tagged.
  • Column-based Store - Each storage block has data from one column (Example: HBase, Cassandra).

Secondly, what type of NoSQL database MongoDB are you? MongoDB is a document-based database. ** Graph ** are used for storing information about networks, such social connections. Examples of these are Neo4J or HyperGraphDB. Companies are increasingly using NoSQL databases for a variety of purposes.

Which NoSQL database type is the simplest?

NoSQL databases generally fall into one of the following four categories: **Key-value stores** are the simplest. Each item in the database is stored together with its value as an attribute name (or "key") Redis, Voldemort and Riak are the most well-known names in this category.

What is an example for a NoSQL Datastore that stores the document store type?

Redis, MemcacheDB, and Riak are examples of such a database. Document store NoSQL database are similar to key/value databases in that they have both a key AND a value. Data is stored as a number. Its associated key is the unique identifier of that value.