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They are also known as robber flies.

Because of their many stiff hairs around their mouthparts, these robber flies have been called "Bearded Robber Flies". They are sometimes seen catching bumblebees and are called "Bee Killers".

So, where does the robber fly come from?

There are approximately 850 species (family Asilidae), of which 72 have been identified from Michigan. is the common name of this group. This comes from how they pouncing from the air upon their prey. There are many species of robber fly species that are found in North America.

Second, how long can robbers fly for? One to three years

Are robber flies also harmful to people?

Robber Flies don't sting like bees or wasps. The "stinger" that this Robber Fly has is actually an ovipositor, which she uses to lay eggs. Robber Flies aren't dangerous or harmful to humans but they can bite very painfully so don't try to capture them.

What is a robber fly?

The majority of species are gray-black, hairy-bodied and have a tapering, long, narrow abdomen with segments that can be patterned, banded or contrasting in their color. Adults' heads have a depression between their eyes when seen from the front. They are strong and long-legged, making them ideal for prey. Laphria species is a robber fly.