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It is called a drag-link.

The pitman arm and the steering arm are connected by the drag link. It may also connect to the tie rod assembly in some vehicles. Drag link is what keeps your front wheels aligned.

Many people also wonder what the point of a drag-link?

Automotive use. This term is used in automotive technology to refer to the linking in steerage. It converts a pitman arm's rotation to a steering arm, and then to tie rod links that allow the wheels to be steered. These applications have the drag link connecting to the steering arm at the wheel.

Is the drag link supposed move? We are grateful! Your steering link (tie rod end) is flexible ball designed to allow full rotation of all parts during turns, bumps and other obstacles. It is completely normal to grab the drag link and rotate it easily.

What does a drag-link look like?

Drag links are a suspension linkage component found on vehicles with steering gear type steering systems. The pitman arm connects to one side of the drag link, while the other connects with a fixed pivot point. Both ends connect to tie rods.

What is the cost of replacing a drag link?

A steering center link replacement costs on average between $349 to $374. The labor cost is estimated at $92 to $117, while the parts cost $257. The estimated price does not include taxes or fees.