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Is Roanoke an English colony that was founded in 1601?

Sir Walter Raleigh, an English explorer, founded the Roanoke Island colony in August 1585. It is the first English settlement in New World. White went to England to get more supplies. However, the war with Spain prevented White from returning to Roanoke. Everyone was gone by the time White returned to England in August 1590.

People often ask if Roanoke was the first colony.

?Eno??k/) refers two attempts made by Sir Walter Raleigh in order to establish the first permanent English settlement outside of North America. In 1585, Ralph Lane, governor of , established the first colony on Roanoke island in North Carolina's Dare County.

What was the first Roanoke, or Jamestown? The colony survived despite Indian attacks, disease, famine and a siege by the Indians at the fort. From Jamestown, the U.S. was born. Legendary was the colony established at Roanoke Island in 1587.

What is the reason why Roanoke Island was colonized by the English?

The Roanoke colonies. Sir Walter Raleigh of England made the ambitious attempt to establish a permanent settlement in North America. He wanted to harass Spanish shipping, find a passage to Pacific Ocean, mine for gold and silver and Christianize the Indians.

What happened to the Roanoke colony, exactly?

The 1587 settlers disappeared in 1590. They left behind two clues: "Croatoan" inscribed into a gatepost of the fort and "Croatoan", inscribed into a tree. There are many theories about why the settlers disappeared, ranging from an annihilating virus to a violent Native American rampage.