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Is Mr White a round person?

A brief description of Mr. White. Round - hospitable and curious.

What type of character is Mr White in this regard?

Mr. White, an elderly man who is both curiously and easily manipulated. He is a poor man who longs for exotic lands that he has not yet visited.

You might also wonder, "Who is Mr White in the monkey’s paw?" Mr. White, an elderly man, is the one who purchases the monkey's foot and then uses it to ask for two hundred pounds (British currency) to pay his house loan. He is skeptical at first about the paw.

Is Mr White also a dynamic character?

Mr. White, the main character, makes him a significant character. He is, in my opinion, also a dynamic character. This means that he can change in the story as opposed to static characters who don't.

Is Sergeant Major Morris dynamic or static?

He tries to convince Mr. White to take the monkey paw back from fire, but Mr. White refuses. Sergeant Major Morris is a static character because he leaves, and then we don’t really know much about him.