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Is it possible to keep a rowan small tree?

Rowan (Sorbus), Mountain ash. Mountain ash and rowan are ornamental trees that are deciduous and attractive. Many of them are suitable for small- to medium-sized gardens.

Many people also wonder if a rowan tree is suitable for small gardens.

For small gardens, Sorbus (Rowan), Rowan and mountain ash trees are very popular. The tree has white flowers in spring, and bright yellow berries in fall. It thrives in fertile soil that's moderately acidic or neutral.

Also, find out which rowan tree is the smallest. Croft Coral, a small-sized rowan tree has orange coral colours.

When should I prune my rowan trees?

The best time to prune your rowan trees is from autumn to early winter. If you're pruning to remove deadwood, this can be done anytime.

How fast does a rowan tree mature?

MOUNTAIN ASH. Sorbus aucuparia Rowan. Av. Av. Growth/Year* = Average annual growth in the first 10-20 years. Click here to find out more.