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Is APN the same as AIN?

AAPNa is the Assessor's Parcel Number. It can also be called Assessor Identification Number ( AIN) or Property Identification Numbers (PIN). APN numbers are used by the County Assessor's Office to identify real property and collect property taxes.

APN is also sometimes referred to as Tax ID.

To every parcel of land in the jurisdiction, a property ID number (or parcel number) is assigned by county tax assessors and other local government offices. Sometimes, there could be more than one property tax ID for your land.

The next question is: How do I find my APN number? Go to the website of your county assessor and enter your address. You can view information about your APN lot size, home type and property tax history as well as the sale price history. Redfin also displays APNs for sold homes under Public Facts on the property details pages.

You may also be curious about what APN numbers are in real estate.

An assessor's number or APN is a number that has been assigned to parcels real property by a tax assessor in a specific jurisdiction. This number can be used for identification and record-keeping purposes. Many taxing authorities provide public property tax information, which is indexed by APN.

What number of digits makes an APN number?

Assessor Parcel Numbers, also known as APNs, are unique identifiers that help property owners, the Tax Collector, and other government agencies track every parcel. APNs in Fresno County are eight digits with a suffix of one or more letters. The basic layout of parcel numbers is 123-456-878xy.