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How do you use oxy acetylene cutter?

Your oxygen level should be between 40-50 psi. Your oxygen vale should be turned on. Then, turn your acetylene vale a 1/3-1/5 turn. Turn your striker so that the torch is facing away from you. Adjust the acetylene valve so that the flame touches the tip of the torch but does not give off any black smoke.

How do you take Oxy Acetylene, also?

  1. Separately purge both fuel gas and oxygen lines.
  2. Open fuel gas valve 1/2 turn.
  3. Strikers can ignite flame.
  4. Increase fuel gas flow until flame leaves tip.
  5. Reduce flame until it reaches tip.
  6. Adjust the neutral flame by opening the oxygen valve.
  7. Make necessary adjustments by pressing the oxygen lever.

What determines the oxygen or acetylene pressure required for cutting? RULE OF THUMB, MULTI-HOLE CUTTING TIPS OXY/ACETYLENE. The recommended oxy/acetylene tip pressures for cutting vary depending on the size. If you don't have manufacturer setting information and are cutting less that 1 A 1/2 inches of steel, the acetylene regulator should be set at 10 psig and the oxygen regulator at 40 psig.

How does Oxy Acetylene cutting work?

Oxy-fuel cutting involves the chemical reaction of pure oxygen with steel to create iron oxide. Pure oxygen is then directed towards the heated area by a fine, high-pressure stream. The steel is oxidized, then blown away to create a cavity. The preheat and oxygen stream are then moved at constant speed to form continuous cuts.

Can you braze with only acetylene

Oxy acetylene is nearly twice as hot and takes slightly longer to braze applications. This virtually eliminates the risk of the metal being melted or distorted. The equipment of Air Acetylene is interchangeable.