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How do you prepare copper for enameling?

The enameling rack in the kiln should heat the copper to approximately 1400F/760C. This will cause the copper to burn away any oil or grease. Smoke will be formed if impurities are burned on the Copper. The smoke will dissipate once all oil and grease has burned off.

Do you also need to counter enamel?

Counter enamel refers to enamel on the back of a piece. What is counter enamel for? If you're using a mass-produced copper shape, you'll need to counter enamel to minimize stresses and prevent enamel from 'pinging off' the front.

How do you enamel both sides of the edging? Application of Enamel to the Front Side a Wet Inlay Place a small amount each of four opaque enamels (blue red, yellow, and white) in four plastic spoons. To fully saturate , add enough water. Placing the piece on a pedestal with exposed copper side down and white enamel side down.

What is enamelling, anyway?

Enameling refers to glass being fused with metal at high temperatures. Vitreous enamels can be described as finely ground glass. They are simply melted and fused to the metal by firing them.

Is it possible to enamel sterling silver?

Enamel on sterling can be done without depletion guilding. However, enamel that is contaminated by firescale will not work. It is easy to make fine silver.