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How do I buy good asparagus?

1. Select Pristine Buds
  1. The tips of the stalks should be firm and plump.
  2. Depending on the variety, color can be either green, purple or white. It is important that the color does not become faded.
  3. A good farmer will either chill asparagus, or place it upright in cold, clean water.

Also, asked: What should I look out for when purchasing asparagus?

Thick asparagus is more mature than thin. However, size is not a sign of quality or taste. Instead, search for brightly colored or violet-tinged spears that have firm stems. The tips should be closed and compact. The bunch should sound when squeezed.

What is an acceptable price for asparagus? Locally grown asparagus is more expensive because of discrepancies in labor standards. Zuckerman's conventionally-grown asparagus sells at farmers markets for $3.50 per bunch, while Capay’s organic asparagus sells at $5.

How can you tell if asparagus tastes good?

The tips of asparagus will be the first to begin to go bad. This is the best part of asparagus. If your asparagus has gone bad, the best way to see is at its tips. They will turn dark green (almost black), and will mush between your fingertips.

Which size of asparagus is the best?

Thicker spears have slightly higher amounts of vegetable fiber. Thin and thick spears are good choices. Choose the size which best suits your cooking style. Because they can withstand the extreme dry heat, thicker stalks will be better for roasting or broiling.