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How can I maintain my basement sump pumps?

You can do these items once per year:
  1. Take the pump out the sump, and clean them.
  2. Clean from the sump.
  3. To determine if the pump bearings need grease or oil, check the Operator's Manual.
  4. Replace The Pump with The Sump.
  5. Make sure you check the power cord.

What maintenance is required for a sump pump?

Sump pumps are generally reliable. As with all important equipment, sump pumps are reliable. However, it is a good idea to perform regular maintenance. To ensure reliable operation of your sump pump, take a few moments every couple months when heavy rains are predicted and in the early spring.

You should also know how long a sump pump will last. 10 years

How often should a sump pumps be serviced?

Sump pumps should be inspected every three to four month in most cases. This should include opening the inlet screen ( more commonly also known as the pumpscreen) and cleaning it out. In some cases, however, your sump pump may benefit from regular cleanings.

Can I put vinegar in my sump pump?

Vinegar can be used to clean debris and residue from your sump pump. Make a detergent with vinegar, water, and then let it sit in your sump pumps. You can then flush the detergent. If not used properly, vinegar can damage your sump pump.