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Can I surrender a stray cat to the shelter?

Helping abandoned, stray cats and kittens
  • You must ensure that your cat or kitten is provided with food, water, shelter, and clothing.
  • For assistance, contact your local humane agency or animal shelter.
  • Register the cat on your local afounda list.
  • You can report abandoned pets to your local police agency.
  • Find a home for the cat that has been abandoned.

Also, where can I find a stray cat to adopt?

Contact the RSPCA at 0300 1234 9999 if you see a sick, injured, or distressed stray cat. You can bring your cat along to any local veterinarian so they can evaluate the cat, and give any necessary medical treatment. To locate the owner of the cat, they can scan it for a microchip.

Second, does the Humane Society accept stray cats? Shelters for cats are already able to care for thousands of abandoned, sick, or lost cats. They also help pet owners who can't keep their cats. If there is not enough space at the shelter for an adopted cat, they may be forced to surrender it to make way for a feral one.

This article will tell you what to do if you see a stray cat.

What to do with a cat that has been found

  1. You must ensure that your cat has access to water, food, and shelter.
  2. Contact your local animal shelter, or organization - find Cats Protection.
  3. Post posters or list the cat on the Facebook page of your local community.
  4. RSPCA can help you report pets or abandoned animals.

What can Animal Control do for stray cats

They may also be called to the courtroom when animal laws are being violated or cases are being tried. They can also assist in the care of abandoned or neglected animals, as well as investigate animal abuse and mistreatment.