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What was King George's madness?

This film shows the story of King George II, who suffered from madness during 1788. It triggered the Regency Crisis of 1788 and triggered a power struggle between the two factions of Parliament: the conservative Prime Minister William Pitt the Elderer and the reform-minded Leader the Opposition Charles James Fox.

So, how did King George's madness begin?

Scientists think that arsenic could have contributed to the development of porphyria. This is a metabolic condition that causes blood toxins to build up. This could explain why King George III (1738-1820), suffered from such severe attacks late in his life.

Who also wrote the madness of King George's? Alan Bennett

This begs the question: When did King George become insane?

The Regency Act 1811 was accepted by George III. For the rest of George III's lifetime, the Prince of Wales served as Regent. Despite some signs of improvement in May 1811 George was still permanently insane by the end. He lived at Windsor Castle until his final days.

Netflix's King George is it madness?

Netflix USA: The Madness of King George streaming on Netflix