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What is the noun for frail?

plural A*ties for 3.
The quality or condition of being weak. Moral weakness; vulnerability to temptation.

You may also ask, "Is frail an adjective?"

Adjective, frailA*er/frailA*est. in fragile health; weak; not strong: My grandfather is quite frail right now. Fragile; easily broken or destroyed.

Second, which part of speech is frail in? Frail 1

Part of speech Adjective
Similar words: Fine, languid and puny.
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derivations: Frailly (adv. ), frailly (adv.

What is a frail example?

adjective. Frail means that is weak, fragile, or delicate. A example of someone frail refers to a sickly elderly woman with fragile bones. Use example and definitions from YourDictionary.

What does root frail refer to?

Frail (adj. Mid-14c., "morally weak," derived from Old French fraile frele, "weak, frail," sick, infirm, or sick" (12c.), Modern French frAale), and Latin fragilis, "easily broken", (from PIE root *bhreg - "to break". It is a Frenchified version of fragile. English has the sense of "easily damaged, liable to break" since late 14c.