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What is mason's Sand?

Mason Sand is sometimes referred to by many as an all-purpose, or multi-purpose sand because it can be used for many purposes. Mason sand can be used to fill in gaps, create paver bases, level the ground, and even as a beach sand or sandbox material.

Many people also wonder what the difference is between mason sand versus play sand.

Sand boxes, children's play areas and volleyball courts are some of its uses. Mason Sand has finer crushed sand that is more uniform than concrete , and has been screened. It is the most versatile Sand in terms od applications. It is ideal for use as a joint mortar between pavers or other narrow joints.

What is concrete sand? Concrete sand can be described as an aggregate sand that is usually made up of gneiss or trap rock, limestone, granite, and other materials. This particular sand type is usually crushed at the quarry, then washed and screened to ensure quality. This will ensure that the material does not contain large rocks.

So, what exactly is wash sand?

"Washed" refers to the removal of clay, silt and dust from the sand. After the excess material has been removed, the Sand can be left to drain. The best way to render, mix concrete and make a less malleable mortar is with washed sand.

Is masonry sand hardenable?

To fill in the gaps between paver joints, traditional masonry sand can be swept into them. This helps secure the pavers in place. Once exposed to moisture, the polymeric sand will set to a certain degree.