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What does it mean to have sophisticated machines?

adjective. An advanced machine, device or method that is more complex or sophisticated than the rest.

What is the definition of a sophisticated person?

A sophisticated person is someone who can understand the subtleties of many concepts, principles, situations, and vocabulary. People who are highly educated are able to see beyond their own limits and are comfortable talking with others who are far more knowledgeable about a subject than they are.

Similar, how can you use sophisticated words in a sentence? complex Sentence Examples

  1. Little did I know, I wasn't intelligent enough to be your expert.
  2. He was used to being around intelligent people, and she was no different.

Is sophistication a good thing in this context?

sophisticated. Complex and intricate means that something is complex. If people have a lot of experience in the world and are able to express themselves with good taste, they are considered sophisticated. Sometimes this just means that they are wealthy and enjoy fancy things.

What is a sophisticated verb, you ask?

transitive verb. 1 : To deceive especially : adulterate. 2 : To deprive yourself of authenticity, naturalness or simplicity, especially: to deprive yourself of naA–vetA(c), and to make the worldly-wise: disillusionment. 3 : To make complex or complicated.