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What does Boo Radley look like?

Jem says that Boo stands approximately six-and-a half feet tall and has blood stained hands from eating raw squirrels, cats, and other animals. Jem mentions that Boo is unsettlingly yellow with a jagged scar across his forehead. Scout and Dill are then told by Jem that Boo has yellow, rotten teeth and drools a lot.

Keep this in mind, how does Boo Radley look in Chapter 29?

Summary: Chapter 29 Scout arrives at the point where Jem was picked-up and taken home by Scout. She turns her attention to the man in the corner, and takes a first look at him. He is pale with shabby clothes, a pale face, and dull eyes. It is Boo Radley, she realizes.

The next question is: What do the children think about Boo Radley's story? Jem informs the children that Boo has blood on his hands from eating raw meat and that there is a jagged scar across his face. Scout and Dill are also told by Jem that Boo has large eyes and yellowed, rotten teeth.

So, what does Boo Radley look like?

Expert Answers Info He has a white face with white hands, hollow cheeks and gray eyes that almost seem "colorless." His hair is almost thin and dead and almost feathery. Scout describes the way Boo movesauncertainlyaand says that Boo has a cough and takes a handkerchief to his mouth.

Scout and Jem have their own opinions on Boo Radley.

Scout and Jem describe Arthur "Boo", a "malevolent ghost" at the beginning of Harper Lee's To Kill A Mockingbird. Scout and Jem don't think Boo Radley is an ethical person until they finish the book, when they discover that he is a young man with good intentions.