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Is lime toxic to humans?

You should take extreme care when applying calcitic and hydrated lime to your lawn. Virginia State University states that calcitic and dolomitic limestone are safe for humans, animals, and pets. This means that they can't cause illness or death if ingested.

Is lime dust also harmful to the human body?

Eye HazardsaLime may cause severe irritation to the eyes or burning. Inhalation Hazards a Lime Dust can cause irritation if inhaled. In most cases, nuisance dusts masks provide adequate protection.

Similarly, can lime hurt your lawn? Without soil samples, you can't accurately assess your lawn's needs. Applying lime too often or too little can cause damage to lawn grasses. You should test your soil every year to ensure that it is not too acidic.

How dangerous is lime in this way?

Inhaling high levels of hydrated lime dust can cause irritation to the respiratory tract. If hydrated lime is inhaled, it can cause dermatitis.

What happens if lime dust is inhaled?

Inhalation of limestone dust: May cause irritation to the respiratory tract. Other side effects include irritation of the respiratory tract and coughing. Inhaling the respirable crystalline silica from this product for prolonged periods of time can lead to silicosis and fibrosis (scarring of the lungs) and may even cause cancer.