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How did Julius Caesar affect Rome?

He was proclaimed the dictator of Rome by 44 BCE. His political career was greatly affected by his role as dictator. It also permanently changed the Roman Empire. His rule Caesar greatly benefited Rome's economic condition. Rome was in a lot of debt when he came to power.

How did Julius Caesar help Rome in this regard?

Caesar became the ruler of Rome and was made consul and dictator. He used his power for much-needed reforms, including the expansion of the senate, the building of the Forum Iulium, and revising the calendar. Although dictatorship was considered a temporary position, Caesar claimed it in 44 BC.

How did Julius Caesar expand Rome's Empire? Julius Caesar had a significant impact on the expansion and maintenance of the Roman Empire. He intended to return to Rome after he had conquered Britain and Gaul. However, he knew that Pompey, the consul at the time, would execute his plans. He defeated Pompey in Greece, and chased him to several other countries.

Also, did Julius Caesar make a good Rome-mate?

Julius Caesar can be viewed as both a good leader and a bad one. Caesar, while a dictator, continued to improve Rome through overhauling its tax system as well as improving the calendar. Caesar, on the other hand can be considered a bad leader due to the way he managed to change the empire.

How did Caesar help the poor

He reduced the amount of baggage by having his soldiers carry fifty pounds worth of supplies on their backs. This allowed his armies to move faster and earned him the nickname, aMarius’ mules.a He had helped the poor and saved Rome from near destruction.