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Does water drain through pavers?

Permeable pavers allow water to drain through the pavers and into the base. The soil below is called the sub soil. This open graded base acts like a holding tank, so that water doesn't seep into subgrade or subsoil.

Herein, do pavers allow for drainage?

Permeable pavers allow drainage through the spaces between pavers. Previous pavers allow drainage through their pavers. Porous pavers are a cellular grid made of concrete or polyethylene, which allows drainage through cells that are usually filled with soil/grass seed/gravel.

Do I also need drainage for my patio's area? Drives, patios and paths are designed with a slight slope that allows water to drain away. You may need to create a drainage channel to collect any surface water and then direct it to a dispersal spot that leads to a surface water drain or soakaway.

Will water then drain through the polymeric sand or vice versa?

If properly installed, polymeric sand will lock your pavers in place, making it more effective at repelling weeds and insects, while still allowing water flow freely.

How can I drain standing water from my patio area?


  1. Step 1: Draw your system and dig trenches. Dig the trench to accommodate the drain pipe.
  2. Step 2: Install an area drain. Place the flat area drain in a low place on your patio or pool deck.
  3. Step 3: Install the pop-up emitter. Connect the drain pipe with an elbow using a weep hole.
  4. Step 4: Replant and backfill.