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Do I have to use biological washing powder for baby's clothes

It is not something I would recommend for babies. Many other European countries do not have non- Bio Powder. They have more skin issues. All our clothes, including cloth nappies are washed in bio because most baby/toddler stains require enzymes to be properly cleaned.

Also, is it possible to wash baby clothes using biological powder?

Non-bio detergents can be effective at 30 degrees. However, sensitive skin may make it a good idea to use a gentle non-bio detergent.

What washing powder is best for baby clothes? Persil nonbio, a high-quality detergent that is not biologically tested, is gentle on the skin and can still remove any stains young children may pick up. Persil's skin care research was also recognized by the British Skin Foundation. This means that you can rest assured that your child's clothing is safe with Persil.

You may also wonder, "At what age can I use bio washing powder?"

So, I started using bio when I was 6 months old. Give it a try with one shampoo. Bio will not cause any reaction to your lo's skin. Your clothes will be much cleaner because of it.

Is biological washing powder harmful to clothes?

A biological detergent contains enzymes that can remove proteins from clothes. This is why they can effectively clean things like eggs from clothing. But silk and wool also contain proteins. Biological detergents do not cause skin irritation.