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Are hiccups real or a myth?

After all, I'm a children’s book writer. Making up stories is my main occupation. However, I can assure you that the Isle of Berk where Hiccup lives in my How to Train Your Dragon books is real (though it's not called Berk).

Why do hiccups occur?

Hiccups are often caused by eating too much or too fast. The stomach, located directly below the diaphragm becomes distended. This causes the diaphragm to become irritated and it contracts as it does with every breath in. Eating hot food first, then cold food second.

The same goes for hiccups that occur when you laugh. Hiccups can be caused by an unpredictable, sudden tightening in the diaphragm, which is the muscle at the bottom of your lungs that you use to breathe. This causes air to leak into the lungs. Hiccups are often caused by two things, such as laughing while eating or drinking. They can occur in babies while the baby is eating.

Keep this in mind: Has anyone ever died due to hiccups,

A. Hiccups that are common in normal people, usually caused by stress and overeating, are generally benign. One famous example is Pope Pius XII, who suffered from long-term hiccups due to gastritis. However, he died from a stroke.

What medical term is used for hiccups in medicine?

The middle of the larynx is where the vocal chords are located. Hiccups can be medically called synchronous diaphragmatic filutter (SDF) or singultus. They can be experienced in one or multiple bouts. They can be rhythmic, meaning the time between each hiccups is usually relatively constant.