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Who are the UK members of the European Parliament

Final members
Name Constituency Party national
Scott Ainslie London Green Party ( England & Wales)
Christian Allard Scotland Scottish National Party
Heather Anderson Scotland Scottish National Party
Martina Anderson Northern Ireland Sinn FA(c)in

How many European Parliament members does the UK have then?

2019 European Parliament elections in the United Kingdom

23 May 2019
A retiring member elected members
All 73 United Kingdom members are represented in the European Parliament
Opinion polls
Participation 37% 1.4%

Secondly, who are the MEPs for South West England and South Africa? Returned members

1999: South West England MEPs
MEP Party Caroline Conservative Ashley Fox Conservative
MEP Party Neil Parish Conservative Julie Girling Conservative (2009a17) Independent (2017a19) Change UK (2019) Renew
MEP Party Giles Chichester Conservative
MEP Party Graham Watson Liberal Democrat

You may also wonder, "Who are the English MEPs?"

Current members

Name Constituency National Party
Jean Lambert London Green Party (England & Wales)
Sarah Ludford London Liberal Democrats
George Lyon Scotland Liberal Democrats
David Martin Scotland Labour Party

How many European Parliament members are there?