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Last Updated: 25th Feb 2024

Where can I find my nearest uber Visa offer?

Click the bottom of your Uber app and scroll down until you find a message from Visa Local offers. After being prompted to activate , you will be able to view a list deals close to you. You can access this feature from settings if you don't see a message from Visa Local offers on your home screen.

So, how can I find my local Uber Visa offers?

Visa Offers for Local Customers with Uber

  1. To see your messages, open your Uber app.
  2. Scroll down to the message 'Visa Local offers'.
  3. Tap 'Get Started', then tap 'Count Me In.

Similar to the above, how can I get uber credits? Select aPaymenta in the menu and then click aAdd Payment Methoda. Enter your credit card information. After you've done that, click on the Settings option. You will find aVisa local offers under Rewards. Click in to receive Uber credits at participating merchants.

You may then ask: How do I view my uber cash history?"

  1. Tap the receipt icon at the bottom menu bar.
  2. Look for the order under "Past Orders"
  3. Tap "View receipt".

Uber Cash is it the only option?

Uber can be used in all major cities as a cashless service. The fare is charged to the rider's preferred method of payment when the trip ends. You don't need to ask for cash payments if you are not on a trip that allows riders to use their app to pay cash.