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What will waste management not take?

Additional items that require special handling are not allowed in waste or recycling containers include: Chemical products, appliances, chemicals, construction debris, electronic devices, hazardous waste, toxic waste, pesticides and liquids, as well as medical waste/needles and tires.

What will the future look like for waste management?

You can have your property or home cleared of bulky waste with Waste Management. Bulky waste can be collected from your home, or taken to a Waste Management event.

You may also wonder what can't be put in a landfill. Common Landfill Bans Car Batteries. Motor oil. Tires. Tires.

What is also refuse in waste management?

Any disposable material, including recyclable and non-recyclable materials, is considered refuse. Although this term is sometimes used interchangeably with waste, refuse is a general term that covers all leftovers after they are used. Waste is only for materials that cannot be recycled.

What is recyclable and what isn't?

Even if the item is made of recyclable materials, not everything can be recycled. You can't recycle plastics such as grocery bags, clothes hangers, and toys in your curbside trash. Styrofoam and bubble wrap, as well as dishes and electronic cords, aren't recyclable.