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What were the major influences Ancient Greece had on the modern world?

The Greeks contributed significant contributions to medicine, philosophy, mathematics, astronomy, astronomy, and philosophy. Literature and theatre were an important part of Greek cultural life and influenced contemporary drama. The Roman Empire was influenced by Greek culture, as well as many other civilizations. It continues to influence contemporary cultures.

What does the modern world owe the ancient Greeks?

The ancient Greeks are responsible for one of the most important sporting events in modern times. According to legend, the Greeks created a festival in Olympia to honor Zeus. International athletes participated in many competitions including javelin throw and discus.

You might also wonder, "How has democracy from ancient Greece influenced our modern lives?" Ancient Greece, which was divided into cities-states, has been an inspiration for many of the political systems that we have today. Athens was the birthplace of democracy. It was unique in that all citizens (read non-slave men) were able to vote and speak at the assembly. This is where laws and other decisions were made.

How did ancient Greece influence us today?

The world's first democracy was created by the ancient Greeks. We use a democratic system today at least in the United States. Instead of direct democracy, we have representative democracy where citizens vote on who should be in charge of the country's decisions.

What legacy did ancient Greece leave?

The Greek legacies include their governmental systems and culture, as well as science and technology. Classical Greece was an era when the growth of a community was sustained through wars and plagues. Classic Greece left a significant legacy of a government that was based on direct democracy.