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What type of sand is required for a sandbox?

Sand that is dust-free (such as Sakrete play sand), or non-silica (such as Sandtastik), would be the best. Safety reasons dictate that you only use table sand and play sand.

Furthermore, is it possible to use regular sand inside a sandbox.

Non-Toxic Sand You don't have to worry about toxic sand. You will need between 50 and 150 pounds to make a full-size sandbox.

Is there a difference in play sand from regular sand? We have been asked this question over the years. "What is the difference in play sand from builders sand?". The simple answer is that play-sand is a finer, less coarse version of builders sand. It has gone through certain processes to ensure it is safe to be used by children.

What can you put in a Sandbox, instead of sand?

Pea Gravel Round Gravel is a great option to sand in an outdoor sandbox. However, it is important that the gravel contains rounded stones. Pea gravel made up of rounded rocks is more flexible than compacted soil. If a child falls, the gravel will allow water to drain through the sandbox. This will prevent mold growth.

What amount of sand is required to make a sandbox.

If the sandbox is 4 feet in radius and the sand needs to be 1 feet deep, then you'll need 50 cubic feet. 4x4x3.14x1 equals 50.24. Because each bag takes up half of a cubic yard, this example would only require about 100 bags.