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What should small recreational boats' operators do to improve their visibility when they navigate in a shipping channel?

While crossing shipping lanes and traveling in shipping lanes pleasure craft operators must be aware of large ships.
  • Be aware of other vessels and be ready for slowdown and yield to large vessels.
  • You can make your pleasure boat more visible by operating with other smallboats.

What should small boats' operators do when they are navigating on a shipping channel?

Smaller craft cannot be seen by larger vessels when operating in an area with high boat traffic or near shipping lanes. Be alert for larger vessels, and always yield the right-of-way. Particularly, avoid vessels in tow, docked ferry ferries, and ferries in transit.

What should a Powerboat operator do when approaching large vessels? Any pleasure boat operator that must give way to another vessel must take "early, substantial action to avoid collisions." The stand-on vessel must maintain course and speed. "

People also ask what small boats can do to improve their visibility while traveling near commercial traffic lanes.

Power-driven vessels must, in all circumstances, avoid being in the way of any vessel that is not under their command. To improve their visibility, pleasure boats should travel in large groups. Avoid areas with commercial vessel traffic, such as shipping lanes and traffic separation zones.

What should a rowboat display at night?

Rowboats (kayakers or canoers) at night. The operator must display sidelights and sternlights, if possible, when the boat is underway. If not, he/she should have a flashlight or lantern that emits a white light, which must be lit quickly to avoid a collision.