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What is the Utica NY planting zone?

Additional Information on Zipcode 13502: Utica, New York
1990 Zone of Hardiness Zone 4b : -25F to 20F
Average First Frost: October 1-10
Average Last Frost: May 11-20
Koppen-Geiger Climate Zone: Dfb – Humid Continental Mild Winter, Wet All Year
Ecoregion: 83f – Mohawk Valley

This is where New York's planting zone is located.

The USDA map shows that New York's zones range from 3a through 7b. Zone 3a residents will not be able grow the same plants as those in 7b.

What is the best gardening zone in upstate NY? Albany, New York is located in USDA Hardiness Zones 6a and 5b.

What is my growing zone?

A hardiness zone is a designation in a plant description or gardening catalog that indicates the USDA map. Enter your zip code to find your USDA hardiness zone. Or, use the map below. For more information on hardiness maps, click here. Use the map below to find your zone or enter your zip code.

Which zone is Buffalo NY?

Zones 6a