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What is the meaning of the term habilis?

Adjective. habilis is a third-declension, two-termination adjective. able to have/possess/maintain. Having sufficient ability or power to do or conduct; skilled. suitable, apt, fit, proper.

What does the word sapiens actually mean?

Sapien is an old Latin word that means 'Wise'. The Sapien is most easily recognized when it is used with the Homo' (an term meaning same, or men') It can be written together as 'Homo Sapien' to describe a species or human being.

What does habilis in English mean? From Latin homo man + Habilis able and skilled to handle.

What is the meaning of habilis, also?

Definition of Homo viabilis. An extinct hominid of Homo (H.abilis), which is known from sub-Saharan fossils associated with crude stone tools, is thought to have lived between 1.6 and 2 million years ago. It is also believed to be the precursor of Homo.

How do you spell Homosapien

It seems to me that "Homo Sapien", or more precisely "Sapien", is not a word. Homo Sapiens can be used singularly or plural, much like its taxonomy classification Species.