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What is starfish?

Starfish helps institutions provide personalised support to students and assesses which interventions and services will help students stay on track. Hobsons' suite of student success strategies, which are used in more than 2,000 higher-education institutions, is also recognized.

What is the Starfish program in this regard?

Starfish, an online student engagement tool, connects faculty, staff, and students to improve support and academic success. Students can create their own profile pages, which allow them to schedule appointments and communicate with faculty and staff.

What is Starfish Early Alert? Starfish Early Alert is an email notification that allows instructors to alert students when there are concerns about student performance or their success in class. Students who are eligible for early alerts and kudos, or refer to others will be notified via email. Starfish can be accessed from Pipeline or Canvas.

Starfish Retention Solutions is a solution to this problem.

Starfish Retention Solutions, a leader in student success, is committed to Achieving The Dream institutions using data-driven insights for their completion goals. We work with almost 130 community colleges to help students finish what they started.

How can you log in to starfish?

To log in to Starfish, go to the Starfish website (also available from the BCC homepage under Quick Links). Your full BCC email address ([emailA] protected) and password are required.