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What is software quality concept?

Software quality is an abstract concept. Software quality is an abstract concept in software engineering. It measures the quality of software's design (quality-of-design) and how well it conforms to that design. It is often described by the 'fitness to purpose' of a piece or software.

Just so. What do you mean when you say quality concepts?

Quality is used in a variety of meanings. These definitions can be used to describe quality. Quality can also refer to a customer satisfaction, afitness for usage, or adoing it right the first time.

What are software quality attributes? Software Quality Attributes include: Correctness and Reliability. Adequacy. Robustness. Readability. Extensibility. Testability. Efficiency. Portability. Reliability of the software system is a key factor in the software's ability to perform over time as required for fulfilling a specified specification.

Also, find out what high-quality software is.

High-quality software is safe. It has very few security issues and bugs are fixed as quickly as possible. Although security is often viewed as the most important aspect, it's only one of many factors that can affect software's quality.

What is the best definition for quality?

Quality can be described as a basic tool for any good or service that allows it be compared to any other good/service of its type. Although there are many meanings for quality, the basic idea is that it refers to a set of inherent properties that allow an object to satisfy stated or implied needs.