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What is Schluter Ditra?

  1. Mix to make a thin-set mortar suitable for the substrate. The mortar should be mixed to a fluid consistency but still hold a notch.
  2. Apply DITRA to the floor, fleece side up.
  3. To check the coverage, lift a corner of the mat.

So, should Schluter Ditra be used?

What are the benefits of SchluterA(r),-DITRA for tile installations? DITRA was specifically designed for the installation of stone and ceramic tile on any even or load-bearing substrate. Consistent results are possible thanks to the integration of DITRA's waterproofing, uncoupling, load-distribution and vapor management functions.

You may also wonder if you can use unmodified thinset under Ditra. 1 to install ceramic (including porcelain) and stone tiles over DITRA or DITRA-XL. Portland cement-based unmodified, thin-set mortars require moisture to hydrate in order for them to be strong. DITRA is impervious so it doesn't deprive mortar of moisture.

So, can Schluter Ditra be used on walls?

Yes. Yes. Once KERDI is installed over the drywall panels they will be fully protected from water and vapor in the tiled shower.

What is the time it takes for Ditra to set?

Step 4: Mix Ditra Set Open Time for Ditra-Set takes approximately 20-30 minutes so the guys mixed only what they had.